Michael has zero interest in solving a puzzle to get his treats and I don't blame him.
golden does not like enrichment toy tiktok
Credit: Courtesy of michaelthegoldie / TikTok

Canine enrichment is hands-down a fabulous way to make sure our dogs can enjoy their lives to the fullest by challenging them to work hard physically and mentally.  

An added benefit: It's very, very funny when our dogs decide that extra thought is so not worth it. For a specific example, here's Michael. 

The golden retriever's owner recently acquired a slow feeder, a bowl or mechanism that forces dogs to work and think a little harder to finish their meals. Ideally, it provides mental stimulation while also preventing digestion issues. 

But Michael (A+ human dog name) has a problem. The Loobani slow feeder is too hard. He's supposed to knock the canisters with his paw, forcing them to overturn and spill out treats through some small holes. 

But he's unable to paw it hard enough to spill out the treats. Nudging it with his nose doesn't work either. No go for biting. That's when some frustration barks arrive ("call the pawlice"), despite his owner trying to tell him to use his paw. 

I get it, Michael. I react very similarly when I can't open a jar of something tasty and have to plead with my fiancée for help. Why try when someone else can do it for you?      

The video of his hilarious frustration, posted Oct. 16 on TikTok, has earned more than 2.7 million views so far. Thankfully, our guy was able to figure it out. 

A video posted the next day showed a little more frustration, but some concentrated pawing—there is nothing better than a concentrated golden's face—finally deposited a few treats on the ground.  

Way to prove you can do it, Michael. Here's hoping your treats come a little easier these days.