The golden retriever was so steadfastly focused on Dug Days that he didn't even acknowledge his mom's question.

I'm not sure anyone has looked as happy turning on the TV as this golden named Charlie does as he readies to watch the golden retriever cartoon, Dug Days.

Charlie's dog mom, Jade (also known as @charliethegoldensmom on TikTok), captured the adorable video in a popular video that was posted Oct. 13 and has so far gained nearly 1 million views. The 12 seconds of footage show Charlie propping his front legs on the arm of a couch as he watches the opening credits of the Disney+ animated series, which chronicles the misadventures of Dug, the talkative dog from Pixar's Up. 

dog reacts to dog cartoon near sofa
Credit: Courtesy of charliethegoldensmom / TikTok

Charlie's tail wags as he intently stares at the screen. Jade asks if he's watching cartoons, but he's so focused on the on-screen Dug that he doesn't respond with an appreciative bark until the credits end. It's as sweet as it is relatable. 

Frankly, I was looking like Charlie when I watched Dug Days. The short episodes are immensely fun and cute and show how a canine companion can improve your everyday life greatly (all rooted in science, I might add). My favorite episode is the one in which Dug has to babysit a litter of puppies. Highjinx, predictably, ensued. 

Even if it's not an enjoyable program like Dug Days, it turns out that dogs like Charlie really can watch TV. In fact, TVs have gotten so advanced now—close enough to real life—that dogs have become more interested in what's on the screen, especially if it's an animal. (Squirrel!

Will your dog act the same way Charlie does when they watch Dug? Only one way to find out. Best case is that you have a cute TikTok video of your own to share with the world. Worst case? You still get to watch an adorable animated series you can knock out in one sitting.

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