Imagine feeling this happy about anything ever.

We're all suckers for a good "running across a field to embrace your loved one" video. It's as charming as it is uplifting. It's even better when the reunifying pair are adorable dogs. Here's the proof: this viral TikTok capturing a golden retriever's reunion with his brother after not seeing him for months. To say they're excited is an understatement.

The video posted by TikTok user Lindahere on Sept. 18 begins with her own golden bolting around a corner and into a park. A text-to-speech voiceover explains that Linda's dog hasn't seen his brother in months, then says "wait for it" as the other golden appears from behind a fence in the distance. The suspense is real. 

golden retriever sees brother
Credit: Tatyana Consaul / Getty

The two run across the park (which has the same sentiment as a field) so fast it looks as if they're about to collide head-on. Instead, the two run joyous circles around each other, sniffing and wagging their tails with undeniable delight. They're reunited at long last, and we couldn't be happier for them. 

"We own one dog and a family member owns the other," Linda explains in the comments of a follow-up video. "So they didn't separate, they just hadn't seen each other for awhile." (Phew.)

Since posting this past weekend, the TikTok has gone viral with over 7.6 million views and counting. It's so popular that Linda has made two follow-up videos about the adorable duo. One showcases the boys as puppies, which is exactly the kind of content we need. First of all, they look identical right from the start, especially in their puppy cuddle puddles

She also posted a compilation yesterday of the boys having an absolute ball as they grew up together, wrestling on the floor, playing in the pool, and, of course, hanging out in the park.

Here's hoping we get an updated version of that video now they're reunited!