It’s almost as if he knew his friend would catch him.
delivery driver catches a golden retriever as it rolls off a bench
Credit: @ruffryderthegr / TikTok

As it turns out, delivery drivers possess an under-recognized yet very important skill: the ability to catch large breed dogs as they're falling off a bench. 

Ryder the golden retriever may just be the most trusting dog alive—so trusting that he rolled over and right off a bench for his old friend the Amazon delivery driver. The hilarious and adorable interaction has taken social media by storm, with the TikTok video of the pair hitting over 30 million views and 5.2 million likes. 

The video, seemingly recorded off of a security camera, starts with the delivery driver bringing a package up to the front porch as Ryder looks on while relaxing on a bench. The delivery man is clearly very excited to see the sophisticated gentleman, talking to Ryder in a baby voice all dog lovers are familiar with.

Ryder, in all his pure golden retriever glory, is so excited to get some pets from his old friend that he forgets that he's lying on a bench. Right from the start of the video, the pup immediately trusts the driver, slowly melting to his back, the whole incident seeming to play out in slow motion.  

At around the five-second mark—disaster strikes. Ryder rolls over just a little bit too far, completely falling right off the bench. His best friend saw it coming, however, and tried to give the good boy a heads up: "Don't fall down." It was too late. 

Ryder's instincts to trust the delivery driver prove to be correct, as his friend tries his best to catch the pup and help break his fall. Ryder ends up falling on his back (pretty gently thanks to the delivery man's assistance), and is seemingly unfazed by the whole event, sitting up for one quick moment before quickly returning to his back for more belly rubs. 

After all that, it's like nothing ever happened as Ryder enjoys his awaited pets—this time, from the safety of the ground.