This dextrous dog can literally climb a ladder better than we can.
two golden retrievers sitting on lawn
Credit: Courtesy of Vince Matteson

Well, this was unexpected! Oregon man Vince Matteson was up on his roof taking down holiday lights earlier this month when he looked around and noticed his golden retriever had joined him.

There was only one way the extremely dexterous Ace, 2, could've gotten up there: He climbed the ladder just like his dad. Matteson took a video of the moment he discovered his dog on top of the house, seemingly in disbelief that his four-legged friend had been able to make it up. "Hey, Dad!" Ace woofed (probably).

After climbing back down the ladder (and carrying Ace with him), Matteson checked his security camera footage to see his dog's daring feat on camera. The resulting video compilation of Ace's rooftop appearance and balancing act up the ladder has been making the rounds on social media ever since.

Ace lives in Milwaukie, a suburb of Portland, with Matteson and another 2-year-old golden retriever named Bo. Matteson shares the adventures of his adorable lookalike pups on a social media account dedicated to the dogs, and has posted two follow-up videos. One actually shows Ace descending the ladder himself—better than plenty of humans, we might add—while supportive brother Bo keeps watch. In another version, Matteson carries the dog back down himself. Talk about a workout.

We're glad Ace was able to masterfully take on the ladder and make it to the roof and back down safely, but this story is a great reminder to practice home safety with your pets... especially ones with circus-level tricks up their sleeve.