Letting the dog out before you leave is never as easy as it should be.
golden retriever laying in front of car trying to make owners unable to go to a wedding
Credit: Courtesy of airbudkobe / TikTok

Most dog owners' departure routine gets much longer once they bring their pups home. Sometimes, getting the dog settled inside can produce inadvertent, hilarious results.

Kobe the golden retriever (and Air Bud lookalike) apparently had no interest in letting his parents leave for a wedding on time. He even committed an act of thievery to keep them at home. 

In a video posted to his TikTok account earlier this week, Kobe has decided to "protest" his parents' leaving by laying down in their driveway. His mom, clad in a nice dress, is tasked with trying to get him back inside. It's always when you're in a hurry or in nice clothes, isn't it? 

She's brought a stick-shaped treat to bribe him inside, and the tasty morsel does intrigue him. He eventually gets up and starts walking toward the garage—only to turn right around, grab the treat from his mom, and run into the front yard.   

"No!" his mom exclaims before beginning to laugh. 

The video has earned more than 361,000 views so far. A later video shows that he later settled down with the stick to eat it as an exasperated mom crouches next to him.

Way to have your treat and eat it, too, Kobe.