Human PDA? Gross, get that outta here. Dog PDA? The best!

The best canine love story since Lady and the Tramp arrives via Bleu the golden retriever's TikTok account (bleuu_bear). The 10-second video is as short as it is sweet. 

two dogs greeting from TikTok
Credit: Courtesy of bleuu_bear / TikTok

It shows Bleu and his girlfriend, a Rhodesian ridgeback, approach each other from either side of a chain-link fence and exchange a quick greeting sniff before—nearly simultaneously—rising up and placing their front paws on the fence so they can exchange some kisses and nuzzles.  

The two lovebirds soon separate, I assume so they can reunite and play on the same side of the fence. The video, posted Monday, has so far earned more than 1.8 million views. We've gotta think that any follow-up video of the two dogs eating would feature "Bella Notte" in the background.

We'd have to assume plenty of those views are people watching it over and over again to help get through the cold, dark days of January. So it's here if you need it!