We're giving Ginger all the credit for bringing together Warren Paris and Jerri MacConnell—even though they're probably the reason they love each other.
senior couple walking dog in an autumn forest
Credit: Halfpoint / Adobe Stock

This story is a couple weeks old, but we had to hold onto it because it's absolutely perfect for Valentine's Day: It's a matchmaking dog!

KCRG reported last month that two pals in Iowa City, Iowa—Warren Paris and Jerri MacConnell—had seen their relationship blossom into romance just as the COVID-19 pandemic hit. The reason? Paris's dog, Ginger. 

They met four years ago when both were taking a class at the Iowa City Senior Center. They were, as the saying often goes, "just friends." Then MacConnell offered to watch Ginger. 

"Sure enough, that's how it all started," Warren told KCRG. 

"Well he came to get his dog and he never really left," Jerri said. 

The couple, ages 82 and 75, started calling Ginger "the matchmaker." 

Then, of course, the pandemic was poised to ruin everything by forcing these lovebirds to spend most of their time apart. The distance was extra cruel for Ginger, who only got to spend time with one of them at a time. 

"You could only have a visitor for two weeks and no more than 60 days in a year, and I was like 'well that won't work,'" MacConnell told KCRG.

The couple also each dealt with hospitalizations during that time period, which separated them even more from the other. The solution for spending more time together (and with Ginger)?

"It was easier just to get married and know that we would be with each other," Paris told KCRG.

So that's exactly what these two lovebirds did! MacConnell wore the flower crown she wanted, and their eight relatives and friends were able to witness the ceremony. All thanks to Ginger! (That's right, the dog gets all the credit here. Them's the rules!)

"I said in my vow, I first saw him with my eyes but as we got to know each other more I began to see him with my heart," MacConnell told the TV station. We can only hope Ginger was in the wedding. If you want your dog to be a part of your special day, here's how.