The 1-year-old Mila definitely figured out the best, most entertaining way to find her newest toy.

Admit it: We've all wondered what it would be like to Scrooge McDuck it into a pile of coins and swim around. 

That's probably what 1-year-old German shepherd Mila was thinking last month when, during a visit to the home-improvement store, she decided to hop right into a giant bin of dog toys to pick one out. (She also probably recognizes that diving Scrooge-style into a vault of gold coins is an excellent way to break some bones.)

The widely shared video shows Mila several times propping her front feet up and investigating the bin of toys, the contents of which were being sold for $2.99. She and her owner were at Menards on Liberty, Mo.—aka the place where you save big money.

Finally, after a bystander enticed her by tossing a pair of toys in the bin, Mila decides to make her toy-choosing easier and jump several feet high and into the container.

"This is how we shop for dog toys," her owner, Shannon Emery, says in the video. 

According to Fox 10, this is a normal practice for Mila. Emery said she'll jump on into the bin each time they visit the store to pick out a new toy. What he captured on video was actually a re-do. 

"When we finally got there this time, the stock was low so she could not reach the toys very well. She just jumped right in without hesitation but I was not recording the first time she did it. So, we recreated the moment on camera," he said, according to the TV station.   

After poking around a bit, Mila picked a new yellow ball that squeaks. Good choice!