Who doesn't love a snow day?

I know she doesn't have thumbs, but I can definitely see how this German shepherd could build a snowman all by herself. 

This GSD belongs to Sara Onderwater, who posted a video of the dog and her giant snowball onto TikTok back on Dec. 27. The video shows the dog in her snowy backyard, pushing around a snowball roughly the size of a basketball. 

german shepherd in the snow
Credit: neuenberg / Adobe Stock

"She's actually making a snowball," someone, presumably Onderwater, says behind the camera. 

Not only is she playing with it, but it looks like the dog is pushing the snowball along the yard to make it bigger—the exact thing you do as you're trying to build a snowman. The video earned more than 16.7 million views. 

Later on Dec. 27, Onderwater posted another clip of her GSD playing with her snowball in the backyard, this time to the tune of "Do You Want to Build a Snowman?" from the hit movie Frozen. That is really the only thing she needs along with her snowball: another friend to play with.

Two days later, our shepherd pal is still playing with her snowball, blissfully unaware of her viral video on the internet. Not knowing about the internet? Kinda sounds nice!