Four years and 700 miles were no match for this determined pup!

It's a tale as old as time. Dog runs away, dog is missing for years and years, dog was microchipped, and everyone ends up living happily ever after.

Microchips work, people, and we here at Daily Paws love 'em. Doesn't matter how far your pet wanders, or how long they've been missing, if your dog or cat is microchipped, they stand a much better chance of returning home.

That's the case here, as Sam (who appears to be some sort of Lab mix) was reunited with his family last week, four years after he first went missing. Originally disappearing from Georgia, the Very Good Boy was picked up by cops in Cleveland—it's anyone's guess how he got there—and taken to a shelter, where he was scanned and his microchip. There, he was able to reunite with his human who drove some eight hours up from Tennessee to get him. 

Shout out to the City Dogs Cleveland shelter and all the good folks out there who help bring humans and their beloved pets back together. They're the ones who made this tail-wiggling, hug-filled reunion possible.