The crowd, rightfully, applauded for the dog.
man rushes toward dog squatting to poop on basketball court
Credit: @uoflcard / Twitter

Because I'm a weird guy, I've often wondered what would happen if a frisbee dog—one of our nation's premier forms of entertainment—decided to do their business mid-halftime show. 

On Tuesday night, a pup performing at halftime of the Louisville-Virginia Tech college basketball game satisfied my odd curiosity. 

Viral videos from the KFC Yum Center show the dog, perhaps an Australian shepherd, ambling back to their handler before the switch flipped. The dog stops, squats, and drops a stinker maybe 15 feet from the basket. 

The crowd let out a collective "Oh!" of surprise before descending into laughter and, ultimately, applause. An excellent sport, the handler waved to the crowd after rushing onto the floor to collect his recently liberated pooch. It must've been a crowd of dog owners because there's nothing we love more than celebrating a dog's good, solid poo. 

This paragraph is for the "ew gross" crowd: Sometimes this just happens. Dogs and humans alike are held hostage by our digestive systems, and when they decide it's happening, it's happening. What's the poor pup supposed to do, hold it?  

A crew from the arena quickly cleaned up the poop as folks on Twitter joked how the defecation was very fitting for a Louisville team in the midst of a crappy 4-26 season.  

But because we're about to enter tournament season, I now think they have a reasonable case for a No. 2 ranking.