The wordsmiths at Best Friends Animal Society even rewrote the always-catchy "I'll Be There for You" to encourage fostering kittens.
two striped kittens lying on a couch together
Credit: Ayan Basu Ray / Getty

The Friends reunion special finally debuted last week and—based on the viewership numbers—you probably saw it and have commenced your 90th rewatch of the 17-year-old series. 

But after you've cycled through all 236 episodes yet again, the good people at Best Friends Animal Society have a special treat for you: a video of adorable kittens romping around a pint-size version of Monica and Phoebe's Monica and Rachel's Monica and Chandler's apartment. (God, they really did all live there at some point. Anyway, it's the one with the purple walls.)

They even rewrote The Rembrandts' "I'll Be There for You." Now, it's "I Will Purr For You," written by Amber Ayers and performed by Michael Hand. You've probably already guessed, but here's the chorus: 

I will purr for you

(when the dog is a bore)

I will purr for you

(when the treats are no more)

I will purr for you

('Cause it's what we kittens do)

As Hand sings, the kittens, named after all the friends, wander around the apartment, knocking over furniture, pawing at fishing pole toys, and napping. It's all quite cute. 

Bsides making us smile, Best Friends created the video to promote its foster program as kitten season begins. With more and more kittens being born, fostering cats can free up valuable space in animal shelters all while teaching the little guys and girls how to live in a house. Plus, June is Adopt a Cat Month, so if those kittens were adorable enough to make you cry, you can always jump right ahead to bringing your new fur baby home.