An unlikely pairing brought Frida the Pomeranian and Stevie the tabby cat together—and now these two are inseparable!

When Natalie got the call about fostering an adorable Pomeranian mutt from a high-kill shelter in Los Angeles, she just couldn't say no. Enter Frida—the sweetest, most well-behaved dog Natalie had ever met. It didn't take long for Natalie to fall in love with Frida, so she went from foster mom to fur mom.

About six months later, Natalie got the opportunity to adopt a rescue kitten while visiting a friend, and was a little nervous to introduce Frida to her new roommate—a gorgeous gray tabby kitten named Stevie. But within minutes of being in the same room, Frida and Stevie gave each other a quick sniff and simply snuggled up next to each other for a nap. From that moment on, they were best might even say they became rescue sis-furs!

The inseparable pair does everything together—play, sleep, and even travel with Natalie, and are perfectly content to be as close together as possible. Whether Frida's recovering from her zoomies in the yard or piled up in the biggest stack of pillows and blankets she can find, her best friend Stevie is right there to snuggle up to her!