This Freshpet Contest Wants to Make Your Rescue Dog a Star

Freshpet's "Fresh in Show" aims to highlight the shelter pets we all know and love.

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The Westminster Dog Show has drawn to a close, with a Pekingese named Wasabi crowned Best in Show. But, as we all know, your doggo doesn't have to be a super-fancy purebred with an impressive genealogy to be worthy of a crown. To that end, Freshpet's "Fresh in Show" contest is looking to help celebrate the shelter pets who have enriched virtually every pet lover's life.

Freshpet, which produces a variety of dog food, has worn its love of shelters and rescue pets on its sleeve, saying its donated nearly 11 million meals to pets in need since 2007. Now, they want to see your rescue, share in our mutual love for rescue pets through the #FreshInShow hashtag, and give one lucky winner a year's supply of Freshpet dog food.

According to the company's blog, pet lovers need to do is follow @Freshpet on Instagram now through the end of June. Then post a photo of your shelter pet (cats are welcome, too!) before tagging the @freshpet account and use the hashtag. You're done! Because Freshpet likes to celebrate shelters as much as the pets we get from them, they're encouraging people to mention the shelter they got their pets from by name or even tag their Insta accounts as well!

At the end of the contest, Freshpet will select one winner at random to star in upcoming Freshpet social media posts. The winner will also receive a year's worth of free dog food. Free is the best price! In addition to the grand prize, 10 other pets will be selected to win a three month's supply of food. I don't know about you, but at the rate my doggo goes through her food, three months comes out to about $150 at my place, though your mileage may vary.

Even if you don't win—or even submit a photo yourself—hop on to Instagram and check out #FreshInShow because who doesn't love looking at photo after photo of adorable shelter dogs?

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