This adorable French bulldog can't even wait for his human to finish his sentence before whipping up a blanketed storm.
Frenchie's ears perk up has he anticipates going for a walk
Credit: Courtesy of stitchy_boii / TikTok

This adorable French bulldog earns our vote for "Most Enthusiastic" when it comes to his beloved walk time.

You can almost feel this dog's excitement radiating through the thick blue blanket he's snuggled underneath before he Houdinis his way to the surface, making it paws-down one of the best dog videos I've seen in a while.

Without further ado, meet the sensational Stitchy—an approximately 2-year-old gray-and-tan Frenchie who gets so excited for walks.

Posted on May 20 to Stitchy's TikTok account (stitchy_boii), the nine-second video starts with the Frenchie fully submerged beneath a blanket on a couch. Viewers aren't aware of the hidden dog until his owner says, "Do you wanna go for … " and pauses, allowing the cuddly Frenchie to magically wrestle his way out of the covers and abruptly lock eyes with his owner.

Stitchy's expression says it all: He knows how this sentence ends, and he is not to be toyed with.

After a moment of dog-to-human intense stare-down, Stitchy's owner finishes his sentence and says, "… a walk?"

Without skipping a beat, the pint-sized pet runs as fast as he can to the door. You can almost hear him yelling, "Come on Dad, you said it!" over the sound of his little nails scampering across the hardwood floors.

Stitchy fans posted over 1,700 comments about the "magic words" and the "so cute" dog while viewing the video a whopping 5.3 million times. The consensus: Stitchy (and puppers everywhere) love their walks. (Even though, according to Stichy's owner in the video's comments, he doesn't usually get more than 50 meters. Our guy knows his limits!)

And experts say it doesn't take much to keep a Frenchie happy. This easygoing breed loves to play just as much as they love to snuggle. And just like humans, exercise for dogs offers both physical benefits and mental stimulation.

Of course, it's best to consult with your pooch's veterinarian to talk through an exercise plan in advance. Because age, size, and breed are important factors to consider. For instance, since Frenchies are a smoosh-faced breed, they are prone to breathing problems that can make exercise challenging.

If you get the walking green light, we hope your pup is just as excited as silly Stitchy!