This Chinese crested + Yorkie mix is living a nomad's dream!

We all know what happens when someone goes to the shelter "just to look," and Kristie's chance encounter with Edison was no exception! She and Edison made an immediate connection, and she knew instantly that his chill disposition and readiness to snuggle made them the perfect match.

This Chinese crested/Yorkie mix pup loves adventure as much as Kristie does. Together, they've taken to road trip life, exploring the western U.S. on their beautiful remodeled Greyhound bus (which even features an 11-foot kitchen counter and a farmhouse sink).

You can catch Edison napping on the couch—with a safety harness when the bus is moving, of course—or tagging along with Kristie on hikes and kayaking excursions. Kristie loves that Edison packs a lot of personality into a small dog, and adores how smart, expressive, and loving he is. This dynamic duo makes for a great adventure pair!