The first responders endured a few stings, but they still managed to save the sweet pup.

Despite being attacked by a swarm of wasps, firefighters in Cobb County, Ga., managed to save a puppy who appears to have fallen down a storm drain Thursday afternoon.

The Cobb County Fire Department arrived at the scene after residents in a nearby apartment called authorities concerned by a whimpering noise in the area. When the firefighters arrived, they discovered the puppy crying for help about 15 feet down the deep manhole. 

A firefighter saving a dog from a manhole
Credit: Courtesy of Cobb County Fire & Emergency Services

"As they were trying to spot the pup they managed to disturb a yellow jacket nest," Cobb County Fire & Emergency Services wrote on Facebook.

A few firefighters in the crew were stung by the wasps after accidentally disturbing the nest. But luckily, the stings didn't halt the rescue mission. Firefighter Dominic Simone still managed to climb down hole and grab the stuck pup, who was unscathed from both the wasps and his fall down the hole.

At the time of the rescue, the dog, who looks to be a pit bull, was unidentified and taken to the Cobb County Animal Services. Thankfully, it appears that the pup was reclaimed and is back home with his owner, according to comments on the Facebook post.

Hats off to all the first responders like Simone and his crew for always going above and beyond to save our precious pets from danger!