Your guess is as good as ours on how this poor kitty got stuck in these bunk-bed stockades.

Firefighters in Orange County, California received a call late last month for a kitten in need of rescue. Another cat stuck in a tree? Nope. Try a bunk bed. 

Thankfully, firefighter Matthew Petro soon arrived to wriggle the poor cat's head out of the bed's wooden frame, resulting in quite the pair of photographs.

How did the little, white kitten in question get his head stuck in a bunk bed? Look, there's no reason to dwell on who tried exploring what, let's just say that mistakes were made and leave it at that. The point is, Orange County Fire Authority crews in Santa Ana received a call for help from some worried kids, and the crew of Engine 73 was ready and willing to help. After quickly assessing the situation, Petro sprung into action and called forth the firefighter's best friend: water. After a little soapy H2O and some gentle wiggling later, and Petro had a soggy but otherwise unharmed kitten cradled in his arms, according to

Before and after photos on the Fire Authority's Facebook post show the kitten doing their best impression of a medieval prisoner in stockades in the first image. In the "after" photo, the cat looks properly chastened and perhaps even a little...bedraggled (but safe!).

Hats off to you, firefighter Petro, and to every first responder who has ever walked into a home or backyard and saved our precious puppers and kitties from themselves. You're doing the real hero work.