Finnick the Llewellin Setter Transitions from Country Life to City Dog

When considering a big life change, you may need to get creative to keep your dog excited and entertained.

Think your country dog might struggle during that transition to becoming a city dog? A big life change may very well nudge your pup out of his comfort zone, but with a little creativity, you can help your dog adjust.

Becca's adorable 5-year old Llewellin setter, Finnick (or "Finn" for short), made the big move from Virginia to Los Angeles when Becca got a new job. And like any good pet owner, she was initially concerned about how Finn would handle the transition from a big country house to a smaller city apartment.

Llewellin setters are a breed of hunting dog who are known for their independence and adventurous spirit—as well as their high energy levels. And while Finnick might be spending more time indoors in LA than he did back at his country house in Virginia, Becca's made sure to take him on lots of hikes and beach days, which gives Finn his space to exercise and roam. Even when they can't get out to explore the great outdoors, Becca's worked to train Finn on nose work and how to hit a mark.

Learning to master these activities together are keys to keeping Finnick's mind, body, and heart in tip-top shape, and also gives the two of them the chance to spend more time bonding together! But the best part is that all those activities will help Becca and Finn stay healthy so they're able to explore their new city together for years to come.

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