5 Aww-Worthy Facts About Instagram's Goodest Boy: Enzo the Golden Retriever

This loving golden uses his unique coloring to encourage others and spread love.

Though Enzo the 5-year-old golden retriever seems like any other energetic and loving pup, his notable social media following and adorable black splotch really set him apart from the canine crowd.

enzo the golden retriever
courtesy of @mister.enzoviola Instagram

Get your furry fix for the day and read on for five fun facts about the cuddly social media star that may convince you to start searching for a pup of your own.

1. Enzo Has a Rare Genetic Condition

As you likely noticed, Enzo has a black splotch around his left eye. According to his owner, Eli Castro, this unusual coloring is due to a genetic mutation called somatic cellular mutation. "It's totally harmless—a small, non-hereditary quirk that occurs in about one out of every 900,000 goldens and other light coated dogs," Castro says. "There's no predicting it, and no one at [Enzo's breeder] had ever seen a golden with a splotch before."

2. Enzo Was the First Pet His Family Didn't Adopt

After adopting multiple pets in the past, the Castro family tells Daily Paws that they had their hearts set on getting a golden retriever puppy when they researched a small home-based breeder and fell in love with Enzo upon visiting. "There was Enzo, curious and snuggly and perfect," Castro says. "He gave all of us a long sniff and then crawled into my daughter's lap and fell asleep." Talk about a cuteness overload!

3. Enzo Has a Furry Friend Who He Loves to Visit

Enzo, whose full name is Lorenzo DeMedici Splotch Viola, resides in Austin, Texas with parents Eli and Tracy and their daughters Ella and Clarissa. Along with his typical day job of playing fetch and being downright adorable, Enzo also loves visiting his friend, Lyra. "His absolute favorite thing to do is visit his best friend Lyra in her backyard around the block," Castro says. "Lyra is a lab mix about a year younger than Enzo and they bonded immediately." Love animal friendships? (Us, too!) Lyra also has her very own Instagram account, @Lyrarose2019 where you can see the duo in action.

4. Enzo's Internet Stardom Was Originally Accidental

What started as an easy way to share pics of their new pup with friends and family quickly transformed into all-out internet fame. "Ella first had the idea to start the account," Castro says. "We hit 20,000 [followers] in the first few months. We're just under 200,000 now. We were shocked by how many people wanted to hear from our sweet pup, and we love sharing with everyone." You can give Enzo a follow to stay up-to-date on all of his latest shenanigans at @Mister.EnzoViola on Instagram.

5. Enzo's Splotch Helps His Followers Embrace Their Differences

Enzo uses his social media presence for good and encourages his followers to accept their differences by showing off his unique splotch in all of his precious posts. "The thing we love most about this following is how many people we've connected with who feel like they're a little different than anyone else and how these people have seen a little of themselves in Enzo," Castro says. "Different is beautiful, and I love that Enzo helps people see that in themselves."

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