He wasn't about to be blamed for wet footprints on the carpet, no sir.
English Mastiff refuses to go inside with three inches of show at the door's threshold
Credit: Courtesy of cast_iron_chris / TikTok

You might see a 205-pound English mastiff spooked by a few inches of snow, but I see a brave dog who knows what he wants, unwilling to compromise until he gets it. 

The large lad in question is Joe, dog of big-time cast-iron skillet fan Chris, who goes by cast_iron_chris on TikTok. He posted a video of Joe standing in the snow just beyond the snowy doorway Jan. 29. 

Chris and his partner—I assume—are trying to get Joe to come inside from the snow. But he won't. Why? Snow, about 3 inches worth, has drifted up against the door frame, and it is much too high for this giant dog to cross. At his humans' insistence, he tries four times to approach the door, but the intimidating snow gets him every time. After the fourth try, he's done, hanging back to see what his humans are going to do about this serious problem.  

His parents, no doubt tired of pleading with a steadfast dog but also pretty amused, give in. Chris grabs the shovel and quickly clears off the doorstep, and a now quite-snowy Joe, 8, returns to the warm indoors. Our guy wanted an easier path inside and he got it, dang it. He wasn't about to be blamed for wet footprints on the carpet. 

The amusing video of Joe's commitment to a safe, slip-free entry has earned more than 2.1 million views so far. Along with appropriate amounts of snow, Joe also loves his blanket and (we think) his sister Lucy

So as we make it through the last snowfalls of winter—we hope—make sure you clear out space for your dogs like Joe's parents did. And if you're using ice melt, make sure it's a pet-friendly kind.