He has over 1 million fans and deserves them all.
TikTok's favorite Emu
Credit: Courtesy of knucklebumpfarms / TikTok

Depending on where TikTok's algorithm has shuttled you, odds are very good your For You Page has been swamped with either updates on the $22,000 Pyrex bowl or videos of Taylor Blake at Knuckle Bump Farms.

Blake raises miniature cows at her farm in Florida and, for the first six months in the life of her TikTok account, that's what her content reflected: Here are my tiny cows. Look at my tiny cows. But then, earlier this month, the internet discovered Emmanuel.

"Not a day goes by that Emmanuel doesn't try my life," says the caption on the video posted July 8. In it, Blake starts out telling us about one of her cows but then, nine seconds into the video, Blake first utters what has quickly become her catchphrase—"Emmanuel don't do it!"—and the big bird approaches the phone to knock it over.

Since then, the adorable, highly opinionated, phone-hating emu has become TikTok's newest darling, attracting millions and millions of views. Emmanuel is a genuine, lovable delight. Like if Elyse Meyers was a flightless bird. And though he's only been in our hearts for a scant two weeks, we've already compiled our list of favorite Emmanuel moments.

1. Emmanuel Gets His Snuggles

"We do this every morning," Blake says in the video, cuddling the sweet emu's head and stroking his neck. As she explains how Emmanuel waits for her to finish feeding the animals every morning so they can have cuddle time, Emmanuel's eyes slowly close and he goes still. Then, as Blake lowers her hand, his eyes snap back open and he looks around, much to Blake's amusement.

"Did you fall asleep for a second?"

2. 'Emmanuel Don't Choose Violence'

This one really cements Emmanuel as the centerpiece of TikTok's hottest catchphrase, as Blake fires out three "Emmanuel don't do it"s in the span of about three seconds, followed by a plaintive "Emmanuel, don't choose violence today." A request which he grants. For now.

3. Emmanuel Actually Doing It

It was just a matter of time. The people were begging for it. Finally, Blake let us see the oft-threatened "it."

In another attempt at a "let's talk about this animal" video, the first "Emmanuel don't do it" happens about six seconds in, followed by the emu's small black head sauntering into frame. With Blake's permission, he looks at the phone, decides today is the day it dies, and leans forward to peck the screen. After a brief tumble, the phone lands with its lens facing the sky, Blake's exasperated form captured in the lower right corner.

"How did that make you feel?" she asks the bird. "Was it everything you ever wanted?"

4. The Slow Burn

Emmanuel lets this one percolate a bit before making his entrance. The video begins with Blake giving her followers a heartfelt thank you for all the views, likes, and comments. Then, 21 seconds into the video: "It's amazing to me—Emmanuel don't do it!"

As the phone once again succumbs to Emmanuel's peck, Blake stands over the camera and explains to the emu, "I know you don't know what the internet is, but you're literally kind of famous on there."

5. Best Friends

Just a heartwarming series of clips showing Blake and Emmanuel doing typical best friend things: working together on the laptop, reading a book, sharing an ice cream cone, wearing matching hats. But the best shot of all comes right at the beginning, when Blake takes Emmanuel's little wing in her hand and they share a quiet moment by the water.

6. Emmanuel's Full Name

From the outset, this one plays out like any regular Emmanuel joint: Blake speaks to the camera about Non-Emu Things, Emmanuel decides that's enough of that, and Blake tells him to stop. But this one is special because it builds a little more lore in the Emmanuel Cinematic Universe, as we're treated to the spunky emu's full name: Emmanuel Todd Lopez.

Much like the rest of us when mom pulls out all three names, Emmanuel takes the hint and finds something else to do.