Besties Shadow and Lupa live down the hall from each other, so each night Shadow runs down to her friends apartment to see if she can play.

There's no better way to roll in to the weekend than with a little nugget of neighborly love. Let these adorable apartment best friends supply the sweet moment you need after a long week.

Canine friends Shadow and Lupa live down the hall from each other and have a ritual they do every night, and we get to see it in this adorable TikTok video, posted on October 4 by Shadow's account and viewed over 4.7 million times. It starts with Shadow, "the most perfect mutt," patiently waiting by her front door.

You can hear Shadow's owner saying in a singsong voice, "Shadow, do you want to go see Lupa?" Once the door opens, Shadow flies down the hallway, running to "knock" on her best friend's apartment door. With great anticipation, Shadow waits—sniffing, scratching, and bumping the door with her nose—until her bestie Lupa comes bounding out.

dog at the neighbor's door waiting for his dog friend to come out and play
Credit: Courtesy of shadow2therescue / TikTok

They barely even gave each other a proper hello before stampeding down the long hallway into Shadow's apartment. It's obvious that this ain't the girls first rodeo. Shadow and Lupa run so fast they barrel right over Shadow's owner's bare feet. (Ouch!)

Once inside the apartment, Shadow and Lupa have a good round of zoomies while Shadow's owner calls them "best friends." In an attempt to throw their neighbors a bone, the video is captioned: "Our neighbors must love us… if any of you on our floor see this… we owe you a drink!"

The two spend plenty of quality time together, proving to followers that they truly are the best canine companions. And if you are wondering what it's like from Lupa's point of view, watch this video. She doesn't even need her human to open the door for playtime, she takes care of that herself.

Judging by their close relationship, it's clear that these two dogs don't need a lesson in socialization. But if you are looking for a refresher on when socialization with another dog starts, plus how important it is for your doggo's future, check out our expert tips.

We're so happy to see these best friends in action—here's to many more doggie dashes!