They're all so polite!
golden doodle on bus; puppy bus pickup
Credit: @mo_mountain_mutts / TikTok

Getting on the school bus is, generally speaking, mundane. But that's for humans. When it's dogs hopping onto the bus, it's much, much more enjoyable.

Mo Mountain Mutts, a dog-exercising service in Alaska, proves it. They pick up their canine clients each day in the "Puppy Bus" (the kind churches and senior centers often use). They'll post the dog's boarding on TikTok, and it's just wonderful. 

I don't really know why it's so nice to watch, or why a Dec. 28 video has earned more than 48 million views so far. Maybe it's how the dogs are so polite. Or how excited they seem. Or how they stop to greet their pals. 

In the latest viral video, four dogs board the bus, and each of them brings me joy. Here is my extensive analysis: 


Pros: Awesome, warm coat. Very polite with a wiggly tail. Choses his seat carefully. 

Cons: None. 


Pros: Waits for the bus alone, which is very responsible. Another waggly tail. 

Cons: None.


Pros: Paused for pats. Was super cool with all his friends sniffing him. 

Cons: None

Black Dog Whose Name I Don't Know

Pros: Enthusiastic. Moves to his seat quickly so they can get this show on the road. 

Cons: None. 

Together, these dogs and Mo Mountain Mutts set a high bar for TikToks in the new year.