Alaskan klee kais Apple and Jack might want to redirect their chewing efforts to their new toys.
dogs that ate the winning lotto ticket
Credit: Courtesy of Oregon Lottery

Somehow, Alaskan klee kais Apple and Jack—nice—knew to eat the exact amount of lottery ticket that still allowed their parents to collect their winnings. 

Last week, staff at the Oregon Lottery received a letter, a photo of the two dogs, and a torn-up ticket, the lottery said on its website. The letter contained the story, courtesy of Nathan and Rachael Lamet: 2-year-old Jack and 11-month-old Apple thought the ticket might be tasty, so they ripped it apart and ate some of it. 

The Salem couple sent the ticket to the lottery to see if the folks there could reconstruct it and determine whether it was a winner. 

"Along with this note is the remainder of the lottery ticket that was left," the Lamets wrote. "And a picture of the vandals for proof and because they are cute."

They'd left the ticket on an ottoman, and Rachael didn't think the remaining pieces could be verified. But Nathan "thought it was hilarious" and assured her "it's for sure a winner." 

So they sent it in. Lottery staff, the real heros of this story, managed to reconstruct the $3 Pharaoh's Gold Crossword ticket. It was an $8 winner—and they know exactly how they're going to spend it. 

"That's too funny," Rachael told the lottery. "We are definitely getting more chew toys, they go through a lot. We love them, but they are crazy sometimes."

Congrats to Apple and Jack for their well-earned $8, and congrats to me for making it through this post without making a too-easy "dog ate my homework" joke.