It's a tense show—just look at Enzo's face.
dog watching Ozark
Credit: Courtesy of enzotopato / TikTok

There is only one way to watch a television show based on money laundering, lake crime, and violence, and that is this dog watching Ozark. 

Golden retriever Enzo—enzotopato on TikTok—is watching the Netflix show with his human and is obviously worried about what's going on. He's lying down wide-eyed, half-hidden by a stuffed animal as a group of people disembark a plane and enter an SUV on screen. Either those people are bad news or something bad is going to happen to them if Enzo's face is any indication.

(Disclosure: I stopped watching Ozark sometime in its second season. I've unjustifiably resented the Lake of the Ozarks—and anything to do with it—since 2017 when I left there with an apocalyptic sunburn that was definitely not my fault.) 

Enzo's owner posted the dramatic dog TikTok over the weekend, and so far it's earned more than 9.3 million views. That should at least earn Enzo an episode or two of Dug Days.

Remember: TVs have such high definition now that dogs can become more interested in the footage playing. So maybe save the more murder-y shows for after doggy bedtime.