Let's follow River's lead and all take a nice deep breath.
dog on beach taking in the sunset tiktok
Credit: Courtesy of brookecopeland29 / TikTok

The holiday hustle and bustle is here. Between all the shopping, traveling, and cat-proofing, we could use a break. That's where River can help us. 

According to her owner—Brooke Copeland on TikTok—this German shorthaired pointer enjoys watching the sunrise on the beach. In her Nov. 4 post, Copeland said the beach is River's favorite place and it's the only time she sits still. 

It's only a 20-second video, but it makes me so calm. River is just sitting straight up, unbothered, watching the sun rise as the waves lap into her. It's an entrancing view, only interrupted as Copeland comes up next to her. 

The video earned more than 3.4 million views on TikTok and then an additional 1.2 million views when WeRateDogs reposted it on Twitter.

Anyhow, enjoy the sweet, soothing scene and take a few deep breaths before diving back into the holiday melee.