If only every dog could clean up after themselves.
dog spitting celery into trash can
Credit: @bella_maligator / TikTok

Just because celery is safe for dogs to eat doesn't necessarily mean they want to eat it. 

Bella the Belgian Malinois and mastiff mix proves it in a TikTok video. The video, posted on the pup's account (bella_maligator) has gone viral with over 900,000 likes and 5.5 million views. It starts with Bella's mom asking her if she likes celery before handing her a small piece of the vegetable. Bella immediately takes it and begins to chew. Promising! 

However, after a few seconds of chewing—Bella comes to her senses. "No peanut butter?!?!" the caption reads. Once Bella is aware of this horrible crime, she makes her way to the automatic trash can, leans her head over to activate the sensor, and spits the celery straight into the garbage.

While Bella might not eat her veggies—at least she has the decency to clean up after herself. The intelligent dog seems to have been trained from a young age on how to use the modern trash can, with videos on her account showing her taking a variety of items straight to the garbage. From actual trash to blueberries—nothing is safe from being thrown out by the brainy canine.

Even after the not so pleasant celery experience, Bella isn't completely opposed to the stalky vegetable. In a TikTok posted to her account two days after the great celery debacle, the pooch is once again fed a piece of celery, however with one major difference. Her wish from the first video is granted. The celery is now dipped in peanut butter, and the picky pup has no problem gobbling it down.

When in doubt—we can always count on peanut butter as the way to a dog's heart.