Dexter's Kansas family was on vacation in Las Vegas when he escaped his pet hotel and walked 90 minutes back to his house to ring the doorbell.
dog that runs away from daycare and runs home
Credit: Yevhen Harkusha / Getty

The Hensons, ideally enjoying their Las Vegas vacation, were not expecting to see anyone appear on the doorstep of their home in the Kansas City suburbs—let alone their dog, Dexter. 

He was supposed to be at a doggy daycare Feb. 16, but Jeremy and Sarah Henson soon received a notification from their home-security app. The doorbell camera showed Dexter at their front door, pawing the door and wondering why he couldn't get inside his house.

"It didn't surprise me that he was on our front steps. I was just concerned that they didn't know, so I called them. I was like, 'My dog's on your front porch, but I think he's supposed to be there,'" Jeremy Henson told WDAF.

Apparently, 5-year-old Dexter was able to jump a 6-foot fence to escape his pet hotel. From there, he set off on a 2-mile, 90-minute journey to get home through Lenexa, Kan., according to Inside Edition. For the uninitiated: Traveling by car through Johnson County is difficult enough, so I can't imagine doing it as a lonesome dog.

But Dexter did it. He got home and rang the doorbell to let his folks know he'd very much like to go back inside and sleep in his own bed. Many dogs have excellent navigational skills, and they can remember locations based on smells and sounds. Plus, the Hensons frequently take Dexter on long walks, they told WDAF, so he's plenty familiar with the area. 

Someone from the kenneling service later arrived at the Hensons' to retrieve Dexter, WDAF reported.

So how do the Hensons prevent this from happening again? They simply always have to take Dexter with them on vacation. Or never leave on vacation again. Those are the only two options!