This super sweet little pup really lives up to her name.

This adorable TikTok of a dog's reaction when she's told she's beautiful is sure to lift any animal lover's mood. Meet Honey: a sweet pup from Australia who's guaranteed to have you ooh-ing and ahh-ing. Because who among us couldn't use a quick dose of cute puppy love, amiright?

TikTok user @sarahlawther shared a video of her dog Honey, who is a Staffordshire bull terrier, responding to being called beautiful and followers can't get enough.

In the video, Honey is seen looking adoringly in to the camera while a female voice (presumably her doggie mom, Sarah) is heard saying, "Honey, you are the most beautiful girl in the whole world." To which Honey squeals and lets out cries of excitement—along with plenty of tail wags!

Sarah goes on, asking precious Honey for her input on the compliments. "Yes, you. You are my baby. You are perfect. Do you agree?" We can almost hear Honey lovingly asking, "Me? You mean me?!"

The adorable dog is certainly living up to her breed description: fantastically loyal and a loving family dog. Staffies love human companionship and it's clear from Honey's interaction with Sarah that she adores the attention.

cute grey puppy looking up at camera
Credit: Courtesy of sarahlawther / TikTok

The video has been melting hearts around the world, and has amassed more than 31 million views since it was originally shared in June. Honey the Staffie even has her very own Instagram account (where she's aptly described as "the sweetest lil Honey 🍯") where fans can track the 2-year-old Staffie's life in Australia, which seems pretty great if you ask us. "Just out here living my best life," one caption reads. "Play time; eat; sleep; cuddle; let mummy take pics of me; repeat."

Honey is clearly one happy pooch. And something tells us that even without all the fame, she'd still earn plenty of praise from her pup parents. It'd be tough to deny that adorable puppy face all the belly rubs and cuddles she desires, even without her Internet celeb status.