The viral TikTok featuring an extremely reluctant chow chow has been viewed more than 7.4 million times.

I've never related to a pet more than I do to this dog who refuses to join his owner on a walk. It's the Monday morning after a long weekend, and I was up late watching my favorite football team get their butts kicked into outer space.

So I find myself in the same headspace as this chow chow: Do I have to? 

chow that refuses to walk is gently dragged in Central Park
Credit: Courtesy of coffeebeanzzzzzzz / TikTok

I do have to, but this auburn-colored dog wasn't going to submit that easily to a walk in the park. The TikTok, posted by a woman named Coco, shows a chow chow, in full sploot mode, being lightly pulled along a sidewalk in New York's Central Park. The several people who walked past each smiled at the hilariously reluctant pup and the dejected dog walker

(Come to think of it, the chow is not unlike the Kansas City Chiefs defense: Both only provide minimal resistance and are a source of laughter to onlookers.)

The video, posted last Tuesday, has earned more than 7.4 million views and more than 647,000 likes. Several of the commenters compared the situation to being forced to interact with other people outside the house or, in one case, being forced to leave Target. 

This dog walker, thankfully, seems to know you shouldn't be dragging your dog along the sidewalk; he pulls lightly on the leash and only for a few seconds. Plus, the mulish pup is wearing a harness, which is much, much safer than just a leash attached to a collar. If this is your sign to switch to a harness for your walks, we've got you covered.

And if you find yourself with a similarly sluggish dog, maybe a refresher on dog-walking tips will help. Perhaps some treats—both to reward the dog for politely walking and to ease the sting of a primetime football blowout. 

(Editor's note: Austin's fine.)