The video, first posted last year on TikTok, shows the German shorthaired pointer making friends the best she can.

We all need a midweek pick me up, so here's Ruby, the dog who pets other dogs at daycare. 

The original video of Ruby, a German shorthaired pointer, was first posted late in March 2020 on TikTok by alanahlorraine, who at the time worked at Ruby's daycare. More recently, someone reposted the video to r/aww on Reddit, giving us another chance to enjoy the dog who wants to be friends with everyone.

dog petting another dog
Credit: Courtesy of alanahlorraine / TikTok

In the video, we see Ruby pet a golden retriever, another GSP, a fluffy dog, and a hairy black dog. What a good, friendly girl!

We can only guess why Ruby does this. Maybe it's how she makes sure she gets attention from other dogs? Maybe she's mimicking the pets she receives at home? Whatever the case, we love it—and so does everyone else based on the millions of views the video collected on TikTok and other social media sources.

The video also serves as an excellent advertisement for doggy daycare. Sure, it's best for some dogs to stay at home each day. But for a friendly, active dog like Ruby, this is obviously the best option for her and her friends.

Hopefully Ruby is still enjoying life one and a half years after she went viral—giving and receiving plenty of pets.