Who says dog grooming has to be a struggle? Not this creative (and fun) dog mom!
woman bathing dog in bath tub with plastic wrap around her head that has peanut butter on it to keep her dog preoccupied
Credit: Courtesy of angelicaa_castillo / TikTok

From ingenuity involving peanut butter to devotion to a clean and happy pup, this dog mom's hack for washing her dog is equally hilarious and effective.

This viral TikTok video posted Feb. 9 by angelicaa_castillo shows an adorable 5-year-old pit bull during bath time. A familiar sight—except not quite. Angelica has plastic wrap clinging around her head with peanut butter smeared on it, making for a very happy and lip-smacking scrub-a-dub doggo.

So what prompted the hilarious footage. Peanut butter is the only way to keep Angelica's dog calm, so she goes "the extra mile," the caption says.

This 5-second clip is the boost you need to start your weekend. The hysterical hack has gained quite a following with over 1.2 million views. The patient pit bull, Luna has even earned her very own TikTok account, lunagraythepit.

On Luna's account, fans can get to know the precious pupper who seems to be very loved by her pet parents. So it's no surprise Angelica went to great lengths to keep her bath-hating pup calm and clean!

Experts weigh in and say if you have a Luna on your hands, then relying on a little positive reinforcement and association for the next bath is smart. Praise, treats, and an extra set of hands can ease bath time woes for you and your fury friend. Plus, introducing bath time to your dog when they're a pup helps them become accustomed to the dreaded b-word.

You want to know the best part about Angelica's peanut butter hack? Most, if not all, of the items she used are already in your pantry at home!

Plus, the steps are easy to follow, and if you need a visual, Angelica walks you through her process here. But watch it until the end to see all the happy licks and praises for the freshly groomed pitty.