Storm the Weather Dog needed treats—so bad that he decided to interrupt the weather forecast for Toronto.
Toronto weatherman's dog interrupts forecast
Credit: Courtesy of Global News / YouTube

We've said it before but it bears repeating: Please, news directors across North America, start including cute dogs in all weather reports. You all need to be like Global News meteorologist Anthony Farnell and Storm the Weather Dog. 

Our story takes us to a Global News broadcast on Friday. The Canadian news anchor tossed the show over to Farnell, who began outlining the weekend forecast before a small furry head appeared at the bottom of the screen. It's Storm, Farnell's dog—a mini goldendoodlefor the past decade.

Thankfully, Farnell notices his pup begging for treatos. He's able to continue with his forecast as Storm munches on some treats in front of Saturday's hourly forecast. It's extra funny when it appears the dog is walking on thin air.  

"It's live TV, so you're just going to keep going," Farnell told Inside Edition

Then Storm becomes a giant puppy. When the green screen switches to a large view of North America, his feet were positioned in Kansas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas before he toddled over to the west coast. Storm resumed begging his dad for treats as Farnell described the path of Hurricane Ida.

The begging finally pays off when Farnell gets to the seven-day forecast and Storm gobbles up some tossed treats. 

His TV appearance has delighted millions on TikTok, and he even enthralled a fellow four-legged viewer, Belle. Her humans were kind enough to post a video of her excitedly watching her weather friend. 

No offense to Farnell, who we're sure is great at his job, but we think Storm can take it from here. You can keep up with the weather pup on Instagram