After an enthusiastic two minutes of action, the dog was carried off to the locker rooms.
dog interrupts Chile soccer match
Credit: Courtesy of TNT Sports Chile

Sometimes, a human will jump onto the field during a sporting event and delay the game by running around, sometimes naked. This is, without exception, lame and bad. But sometimes, an animal will delay a game by running out on the field, and that is always the best.

We were given another example of this Saturday, when a Very Good Doggo ran out onto the Estadio La Granja field during a soccer match between the Chilean and Venezuelan women's national teams. The match itself was close, as the Venezuelan side played the 38th-ranked team in the world to a narrow 1-0 victory, but the real action came toward the end of the first half.

As Venezualian goalkeeper Nayluisa Cáceres picks the ball up during the 36th minute, the camera cuts briefly to the black dog wandering the sidelines, getting some pats on the head from photographers between the action.

Venezuela's attack sputters when the ball is knocked out of bounds past midfield. That's when the happy pup goes from "sideline observer" to "streaker on the field." Chilean goalkeeper Christiane Endler is the first player charged by the enthusiastic interloper, who immediately lays down at her feet and demands belly rubs.

When a happy pup presents their belly to you, you rub that belly, and Endler is no exception, as she gamely obliges. However, as soon as Endler's averts her gaze, the pup lopes a short distance down the pitch, ending up at the feet of a referee, where, once again, belly is offered and belly is rubbed.

Chilean defender Nayadet López Opazo attempts to act as pupper picker upper, but the black dog wriggles playfully out of her grasp. The dog similarly thwarts the people attempting to guide them off the pitch, bolting off in the opposite direction toward the center of the pitch.

Showing good acceleration and decent agility, the pup weaves through an admittedly lackadaisical Venezuelan defense before ultimately wandering toward the Chilean sideline. The pupper lays down for some more belly rubs. That's when Chilean defender Javiera Toro earns player of the match honors by successfully picking up and carrying the pup off the field, handing the dog off to a ball boy.

Video of the dog's escapades earned more than 500,000 views when TNT Sports Chile shared it to Twitter.

While we have yet to see if this particular dog's story will have a happy ending similar to Topsey the cat earlier this year, there's no doubt that he'll have a story to tell his dog friends for the rest of his days.