Husbands need enrichment, too.
man leads small dog through backyard agility course
Credit: @iamedencarpenter / TikTok

There are many ways to cure a dog's boredom, and for one dedicated dog dad, it's setting up an entire backyard agility set and teaching his pup how to use it. 

The TikTok video featuring the devoted father has caught the attention of pet parents everywhere, notching over 950,000 likes and 4.5 million views since it was posted last week. Dog mom Eden Carpenter (iamedencarpenter on TikTok) filmed the video through a window and is a little confused—yet very amused—watching Teddy and his dad practice their new skills. She explains that her husband thought their dogs were bored, so, as any pet parent would do, he ordered an at-home agility course off Amazon to give them something to do. 

(He apparently spent an hour setting it up, a good reminder that husbands need enrichment, too.) 

Throughout the video, you see the dog dad luring Teddy the dachshund through a mini course during their first day of training. With plenty of encouragement (treats), the pup jumps over hurdles, runs through a tunnel, and concludes his jaunt by jumping through a hoop.

"And this is what happens when you don't have kids, you just buy things for your dogs," Carpenter (very relatably) says. 

The pair are still working on their agility skills. Carpenter posted an update of Teddy and his dad running the course on their second day of practice. Just wait until you see their improvement:

After Teddy nails the course, his father couldn't be more proud—clapping and picking up the pup to commend his prodigy on a job well done.