We've all had our dogs interrupt a conference call or video meeting, so what if there was a way to train your dog to get your attention quietly?
husky learning how to whisper from his owner
Credit: Courtesy of thehuskymoon_ / TikTok

Humans aren't the only ones who can whisper. Believe it or not, our four-legged friends can speak softly, too. And here to show us how man's best does it, is a striking husky named Moon on TikTok.

On Jan. 16, Moon's TikTok account, thehuskymoon_, posted a video of the 5-year-old "Talking Husky" from New Jersey learning how to whisper. The 27-second video begins with Moon and his dad Mark sitting comfortably on a couch. "We've got to teach you how to whisper," Mark says.

"No!" reads the caption as Moon barks very loudly back. Luckily, Mark is amused and continues on with a smile, "That is the complete opposite of a whisper." Mark then motions with his hand and says, "Quiet." This time Moon follows his cue and quietly utters a low grumble.

Attaboy, Moon! He is handsomely rewarded with a little doggie treat, a perfect example of positive reinforcement. The duo tries again—this time Moon having to work a little harder at mastering his inside voice. But, Mark is patient and only rewards Moon when he deems the decibel whisper-worthy! The entire scene absolutely adorable and a sweet moment between dog and dad.

Believe it or not, whispering dogs are not rare. According to experts, Siberian huskies may not classically bark as much, but they are talkative, grumbling and groaning plenty. The distinctive breed has also been known to let out a long and low howl. There are several reasons for this form of communication. They mimic high-pitched sounds like sirens and let other dogs know, "Hey, I'm here."

Whether it's a howl or whisper, it's clear huskies are born to chit-chat, and Moon fans are hooked! So much so that this video has already amassed over 1.4 million views. His fans have asked about Moon's unique look, the smart pup's intelligence, and the sweet connection he and Mark share.

We loving seeing a strengthening the bond between parent and pooch! We can't wait to see what Moon learns next. It's clear that anything is paws-ible for this smart pupper.