We Swear This Dog Is Asking 'Where Are You Going?' in Almost Perfect English

We're struck by this vocal Alaskan malamute, but you can judge for yourself.

Many dog parents swear their pups can understand what they say. But what about understanding what your dog says to you? A viral TikTok caught one pup in the act with commenters swearing they heard the dog ask, "Where are you going?"

We gotta say, the evidence seems to back them up.

The video posted Aug. 7 shows user Lucy Webb turning on her front-facing camera and admiring her outfit on the screen (as she should, she looks great). As she flaunts her white mini purse and turns in her tan trousers, her white Alaskan malamute Hugo enters the frame.

dog asks where are you going?
Courtesy of Lucy Webb

He looks up at her with a curious expression on his sweet face and speaks. It's not a bark, but it's definitely one step above a classic puppy whine. Either way, the comments section had so much to say about his exclamation, with users writing that they were just sure they heard the pup ask "where are you going?"

I don't know about you all, but in my boat, that dog is absolutely speaking, and wants to know where his human is heading out with such a fresh 'fit. And I don't mean "speak" as in bark and get a treat—clearly, Hugo is initiating a whole conversation with Webb.

Thanks to the assertive malamute's alleged question, the video now has upwards of 8.7 million views and over 2.2 million likes at the time of writing.

"I was just trying to see if my outfit was cute," Webb says in her video's caption. Since then, it seems Hugo has become even more involved in her OOTD selection.

Plenty of dogs get separation anxiety when their pet parents go out, but we like to think Hugo has been hyping Webb up before she hits the town. Good boy!

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