This Video Proves Dads Always Want a New Puppy—Even When They Say They Don't

We can't get enough of the Dads Loving Dogs After Saying They Didn't Want Them genre.

dog who didn't want to the dog sitting in the chair with this pupper
Photo: Courtesy of wilsonglaze_thedog / TikTok

Anecdotally, it seems like fathers around the country rarely want their family to get dogs. They, perhaps justifiably, don't want to do all the feeding and poop-scooping their kids will quickly abandon. Or maybe they're just afraid they'll love the new puppy too much.

That appears to be the case with Wilson's granddad. Wilson, a young springer spaniel, is on TikTok. His owner, Marissa Glaze, brought him home about a year ago—without telling her father. Better to ask for forgiveness rather than permission, huh?

In a TikTok posted earlier this week, Glaze shared a montage of Wilson and her dad that begins with the puppy's arrival at home.

"Marissa, I swear to God. What is wrong with you? That had better not be for here," he says off camera.

Five minutes later, of course, he's cuddling with Wilson in his chair. That starts off the best-buds montage of father and puppy hanging out on the floor and sitting together. Nicely played, Marissa.

So far, the video of Wilson's "gotcha day" has earned 6.4 million views. If anything, it proves that you can adopt a puppy without your parents. Go for it! (Just kidding, don't do that. Your parents should know before you bring home a living thing who will live with them.)

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