Can Homemade Dog Treats Help This Man Win Over His Girlfriend's Pup?

Watch the dachshund test out the biscuits—and get over his grievances. 

All pet owners know that when it comes to dating, there are two people your partner needs to impress: you and your furry pal. Pets and their owners are a package deal, and if your significant other doesn't see eye to eye with your dog or cat? Well, they're just going to have to try harder—which is what our friend Mike here did in order to win over his girlfriend Becca's dachshund, Mortie. 

whisks and whiskers making homemade dog biscuits

When human and dachshund first met, things didn't exactly go well; as Mike tells Daily Paws. As he tells it, Mortie "despised" him so much that the pooch ate his wallet. (We don't know Mortie's side of the story, though. TBH, maybe Mike had it coming?) Regardless of the paw-pointing from their rough start, however, Mike continued trying to befriend the dog. He knew if things didn't eventually improve between them, Becca would be forced to kick him to the curb.

Since neither human wanted that to happen, Mike focused on getting Mortie's approval, all the while knowing that the pup "was testing to see if I had the wit and the gut to stick around."

Stick around he did, though, because Mike was determined to make things work in both relationships. And knowing that delicious homemade dog treats are the key to even the most distrustful dachshund's heart, he set out to make the best ones he could: bacon, chicken, and sweet potato biscuits, to be exact. Following the easy, five-ingredient recipe from Daily Paws that took just over 30 minutes to make, Mike blended, mixed, kneaded, and rolled his way into Mortie's heart.

chicken bacon dog biscuits
Chicken Bacon Dog Biscuits

These easy, homemade dog biscuits are the perfect treat for any pup. Featuring chicken, sweet potato, and bacon, your dog will go crazy for these! Check out the full recipe.

Credit: Jason Donnelly

The results? 15 adorable, dog-shaped cookies that the pup was hard-pressed to resist. Even when given the tempting opportunity to eat Mike's wallet again, Mortie still chose the treat, clearly confident that the flaky, crispy goodies would be a far more satisfying dessert.

Judging by how quickly he devoured the snack, it appears that Mike was right about the key to Mortie's heart. The homemade biscuits helped Mike win Mortie over. The only downside? Mortie got to scamper away happily after finishing his treat, while Mike was left cleaning up the mess that he and his new doggo friend made in the kitchen.

It seems the baker is happy with the trade off, as things between him and Mortie are apparently better than ever. (Hopefully Becca noticed, too.) Now that's what we call a win-win for everyone! Want to try it for yourself? Check out all of our homemade dog treats and homemade cat treat recipes and get cooking!