There's something enthralling about a dog carrying a stick three times longer than his body.
small dog carrying a large and long stick
Credit: Courtesy of boscoandhisbigstick / TikTok

Bosco the dachshund has one particular talent, and it rules. He likes to occupy his tiny jaws with the largest stick he can find and proudly trot around with it.

That's pretty much the crux of his TikTok account—boscoandhisbigstick—but it's nonetheless enthralling. Most videos involve him carrying a stick (the tree limb variety, not the school lunch mozzarella cheese-filled kind) around the park, hoping people get out of his way. And the sticks are as big as his legs are tiny.

OK, maybe the sticks aren't that big, but they're at least three or four times longer than teensy Bosco. But that's no problem for him, although other people on the path need to have their head on a swivel.

The King of Sticks lives in London and has generated some 33 million likes on TikTok, so we have to assume the number of views are much higher than that. Heck, this video with him and a nice older gentleman encouraging his stick-toting has earned more than 55 million views. So sweet.

Personally, I most enjoy the compilation of Bosco video clips paired with every Midwestern family's favorite wedding reception song: "Cha-Cha Slide." You better cha cha real smooth unless you want a big honkin' stick crashing into your shins.

Anyway, Happy Monday!