You have no idea how hard it is to pick the cutest pets on an app full of cute pets.
white persian cat on white shag pillow; best instagram cuteness of 2022
Credit: Courtesy of queencleopatra19 / Instagram

This year was full of surprises. Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck tied the knot. Taylor Swift released a new album (and broke Ticketmaster). England has a new monarch for the first time in 70 years.

That's plenty of change. But we were still able to count on top-tier pet content across the board—especially cute dogs, cats, and, uh, goats. Here are our 13 Instagram favorites, though this list could be hundreds of accounts long.


Not to be dramatic, but we would do absolutely anything for Ruby (rubythewheaton). With her scruffy face and soulful eyes, this pup stole our hearts from the moment we laid eyes on her. Judging by the frequent treats, toys, costumes, and adventures shown on her account, we'd guess her human would say the same!

Cat and Gilbert

What's better than one adorable, fluffy cat? Two! Cat and Gilbert are Siberian twin brothers living their best lives in Sweden. These black-and-white twins go on plenty of outdoor adventures together—their photo backgrounds are almost as stunning as they are—and will occasionally mean mug at the camera if the mood strikes. 10/10 would risk it all for Cat and Gilbert.


Look, we don't make the rules. If you combine a corgi and an Australian shepherd, there's a good chance they're going to end up on one of these lists—just look at those eyes and that freckled nose! Alfie's account is full of him hamming it up for the camera since his early days as a puppy, and we've loved following every minute of his journey.

Chris and Nala

The first Nala on our list, this gorgeous golden retriever is obsessed with three things: her human dad, outdoor adventures and ... dancing! Nala is well-known on Instagram and TikTok for her fan-favorite Nala stomps, her signature dance move with her owner, Chris. Nala's moves put our own dancing skills to shame.

Kiwi and Bilbo

Are these goats living their best lives and making us jealous? Yes. Do they undoubtedly deserve a spot on this list for their cute 'lil faces? Also yes. Biblo and Kiwi live in Alaska with their human parents. The two spend a good amount of time exploring their gorgeous state, which means a lot of fun goat pictures in snow, on boats, and at breweries. These photos will awaken your travel bug and make you jealous of a couple of goats—bet you didn't expect that this year.


Hoisco is 100 percent adorable, and he clearly knows it. This Scottish straight rocks the breed's trademark wide-eyed look like no other—we could spend all day getting lost in them. That plus his fuzzy orange coat has us smitten for sweet little Hoisco.

Shadow and Storm

Why settle for one adorable border collie when you can have two? These gorgeous siblings have taken Instagram by Storm (pun totally intended) since Shadow first hit social media as a young pup. Storm joined the family back in May 2019, and the rest is history!

Jessie and Nala

If you want to see the world (through pictures) and get your fix of adorable dogs, look no further than sweet Nala's account. This border collie mix is a frequent flier at national parks and preserves across the United Kingdom, where she does her best to herd sheep from afar as she tugs on her leash and hopes her mom will let go just this once. 15/10 for persistance, Nala!

Jimmy's Sunshine Report

We're not saying our happiness depends on Jimmy, but ... it might. This fluffy, golden-furred little guy brightens our timeline with his precious pictures and the sweet captions that go along with them. Jimmy's Sunshine Report couldn't be a more accurate account name for this little kitty.


This beautiful pup was rescued from the streets of Romania and has been serving up iconic looks ever since. Whether she's balancing on top of a dog house, posing with a carved pumpkin, or frolicking through the woods, sweet Marla is always smiling—which means we're always smiling.


As novelist Edna Ferber said, "In New York, the sky is bluer, and the grass is greener." And, well, the dogs are cuter. This precious mini goldendoogle spends her days exploring the big city with her mom—and sometimes beyond. Waffles's fluffy little face has been seen in New York City, Glacier National Park, the Rocky Mountains, Seagrove Beach ... the list goes on. One things stays the same, though: Waffles always has the cutest factor turned up to 100!

Queen Cleopatra

So this cat is somehow ... prettier than every human we've ever met? This British longhair resides in Germany and might just have the prettiest fluffy white coat and blue eyes we've ever seen. As a bonus, her golden tabby brother, Chico, occasionally makes an appearance on her account, meaning double the cuteness!


Some of us are photogenic. And then there's Austin the bichon frise and Havanese mix who takes looking adorable to a whole new level. We might just sell our souls for some facetime with this little pup who looks just as cute cheesin' on a beach as he does when he's wrapped up in his favorite blankets.