Interestingly, sight is not nearly as important to dogs as it is to us.
blind border collie that is so good at fetch
Credit: Courtesy of gingerkitty69 / TikTok

Critter is an excellent fetching dog, retrieving better than a host of other pups. And he does it all without being able to see. 

The proof comes from his mom Kat, gingerkitty69 on TikTok. In a video posted last week, she's in a yard with Critter, who was born blind. But that hardly gets in the way of him being able to, first, shake his owner's hand, and then fetch the ball she throws. 

As soon as he hears "go," he races off into the yard and captures the ball after a bobble before bringing it right back to his owner's feet. So far, his retrieving prowess has earned nearly 600,000 views.  

"He's crazy functioning. You'd never know he's blind except for the occasional running into walls and such," Kat says. 

Critter, who looks like a border collie, is using his other senses to track the ball down. According to Jenna Stregowski, RVT and Daily Paws' pet health and behavior editor, he's likely able to smell the ball as it's about to be thrown and then feel the air move as it's released. 

He can then hear it both as it flies through the air and when it bounces on the ground. Once he's secured the ball, he can hear his owner call him back. All told, missing his sight isn't a huge obstacle when it comes to fetch. 

"Really, sight is probably the weakest sense that dogs have," Stregowski says. "They are minimally affected by blindness compared to humans." 

Want to see more fetching? In a TikTok from over the summer, you can see him really put his big, adorable ears to work.

What a good boy. You can keep up with Critter on Instagram.