A corgi, a towel, and two roll-overs is all you need to make this delicacy at home.
corgi rolls self in blanket burrito
Credit: Courtesy of lacorgi / TikTok

Behold: the corgi burrito. 

This enjoyable—but not edible—trick comes to us from the TikTok account lacorgi. In a 6-second video, a Pembroke Welsh corgi, either Scotty or Geordi, lays on a towel. He then grabs the end with his mouth and rolls over. Job not yet done, he rolls over once more to fully wrap himself in his cloth tortilla. 

His owner calls it "the best kind of burrito," and it's hard to disagree. So far, more than 3.7 million people have watched the cute, well-trained lad roll himself up. 

(Alternatively, he's doing an excellent impression of my partner stealing all my bedsheets when I get up to use the bathroom at night.)

Scotty and Geordi—hopefully named after the respective Star Trek characters—live in Los Angeles with their owner. They participate in obedience and agility training; compete in conformation shows; and even herd sheep

Here's hoping all that work results in some dog-friendly burritos.