From a dead sleep to sprinting to his food bowl, this corgi has his priorities straight.
corgi hears rice and comes running tiktok
Credit: Courtesy of yourbestiebutters / TikTok

We've been known to rush to the door when we think we hear our DoorDash driver—why should dogs be any different when food is in the picture?

In a TikTok fittingly captioned "Food is life 🤣🐾🐶," Butters the Pembroke Welsh corgi is splooted out in a dead sleep—until he has a valid reason to wake up, which turned out to be a single grain of rice. While he's napping Butter's owner creeps away from the cute pup over to his food bowl, where she drops one single grain of cooked rice with a quiet "plink" sound.

Sure enough, Butters adorably rushes over just moments later, wide awake and hoping for snacks. Who can blame him? Sweet little Butters is giving us big Pavlov's dogs vibes. (For those who skipped high school psychology, those are the dogs who were conditioned to salivate at the ring of a bell, which they'd learned meant food was on its way.) In Butters's case, we'd be running if we thought snacks were incoming, too!

Butter's quick response to food—which has been viewed more than 1.3 million times since the video posted Aug. 24—is an action that's familiar to many dog owners. We'd be lying if we said our pets haven't almost sent us sprawling a time or two when they heard action around their food bowl. Butters seems to have an advantage over some other dogs, though: Corgis can have particularly keen hearing, which means they can hear some of the smallest sounds, including the sound of a pin—er, grain of rice—drop.

Moral of the story: If you want to snack in peace, get some distance from any super-hearing pups—especially corgis!