This video of a bunny rabbit with some incredible skills is going viral for all the right reasons.
black and white rabbit sits in woodships
Credit: Viliam / Adobe Stock

Tony Hawk, listen up—there's a new skater on the scene, and he's not what you think. Cookie the skateboarding rabbit may never successfully land a 900 (or master many tricks, for that matter) he'll always take home the prize for "most adorable." 

This furry 7-year-old lion head rabbit calls Windsor, Canada his home, which is where CBS-affiliate WUSA 9 says he learned his incredibly bunny skills. Cookie's owner, Ron Gudel, tells the news station that cruisin' Cookie has been skateboarding most of his life.

A video featuring the impressive rabbit on a skateboard quickly became a viral sensation earlier this week. In the video posted to YouTube, viewers see Cookie coasting the sidewalk in his neighborhood on his skateboard—wind blowing through his cuddlesome rabbit coat as he rolls!

But skateboarding isn't the only trick up the multi-talented Cookie's sleeve (pun intended). The fluffy black-and-white bunny is also an active participant in Gudel's magic shows. Gudel describes Cookie on his website as "a member of the show and more importantly, a member of the family," and it's easy to see why. With fluffy fur, an adorable bunny nose, and an impressive resume of tricks, it's no wonder this little rabbit is such a crowd-pleaser!

On top of his special appearances onstage alongside Gudel, WUSA 9 shares that Cookie also visits patients at a local children's hospital to help put smiles on little ones' faces.

When Cookie is not capturing crowds or caring for those sweet kiddos, Gudel writes that he enjoys munching on snacks like lettuce, carrots, and applesauce. Maybe even listening to great music and picnicking in the park. It's clear that this little rabbit loves living lift to the fullest (and eating a healthy dose of vegetables in the process).

We could all take a note from Cookie—it's clear this rabbit is some-bunny special!