Coconut is an adorable white and gray shorthair cat that keeps Kara company when she's taking a shower.

We're not sure what it is exactly about Coconut that made him such a quirky kitty, but this little bodyguard of a rescue cat is so protective of his owner Kara, she tells Daily Paws that the cat guards the bathroom when she's taking a shower. "Coconut follows me to the shower ... as soon as it turns on, he immediately takes his perch on either the sink or the toilet, and faces the shower the whole time I'm in there."

It's something he only does when Kara is in the bathroom, and doesn't happen when guests are over. "He respects their privacy, but does not respect my privacy," she laughs. Is it because he's so attached to Kara or because he's trying to protect her while she lathers up? She says she has no idea, but either way, we think it's pretty darn cute.

Not only does he keep Kara safe when she's cleaning up, Coconut also meows each night when he thinks it's time for everyone to go to bed. You may be thinking "that's one bossy kitty," but we just see a feline friend who really values the importance of sleep and personal hygeine. Well done, Coconut!

Kara says she adopted the talkative white and gray cat along with his sister Sundae, who has notably longer and darker fur, compared to his shorter coat. Kara describes Sundae as a bit more timid than Coconut—who's super social and chatty—so it makes sense that Coconut is ready to investigate any situation to make sure it's safe for his sister Sundae. And while Kara says she has "always been a cat person" and truly loves both the sweet, subdued Sundae and her wild brother ... Coconut's extra zany personality make him extra special!