Move over, Tony Hawk. There’s a new pro skateboarder in town.

From the moment Jani Delperdang brought home her English bulldog Chowder at 8 weeks old, he's been a ball of energy. But Delperdang never expected the pooch, who is now 5 years old, to become a viral skateboarding star.

When Chowder was 2 years old, Delperdang and her daughter brought him along on a trip to the Oregon coast. As they were walking down the beach, a young boy threw his skimboard into the water. But before the boy was able to use the board, Chowder jumped on!

Chowder had never done anything like it before, but he was a natural. Delperdang says he rode on the skimboard for half an hour as crowds of people came over to watch.

After she discovered Chowder's natural talent for skimboarding, Delperdang brought home a skateboard from the thrift store to see if the active bulldog had any interest in it.

"Within five minutes, he was rolling on his stomach across the driveway," Delperdang tells Daily Paws. 

After his initial skate, Chowder became obsessed with skateboarding. Delperdang says when he first began skating, he would sit at the front door all morning, waiting to be let out on the board. And once he was on, the skater dog would roll up and down the driveway all afternoon. Now, three years later, Chowder can speed down hills, execute turns, and even skate over curbs.

"We have to be careful with him because he's such a speed demon that he'll ride anything we put him on," Delperdang tells Daily Paws. "He's just got this natural kind of fearlessness."

Besides being a thrilling activity for the pup, Chowder's skateboarding has brought thousands joy on TikTok. The pooch has over 800,000 followers and skaters of all ages have welcomed Chowder and his family into the skating community with open arms.

"We all see the fun and excitement about the skating piece," Delperdang tells Daily Paws. "It's a way for us all to come together."