Ditch the bouquet and—please—the garter. Help get a shelter pet adopted instead.
bride and groom toss a cat plushie to the wedding guests instead of a bouquet
Credit: Courtesy of fairytail_petcare / TikTok

Behold the cat toss, the cool new throwing-things-at-a-wedding tradition.

FairyTail Pet Care, a service that cares for couples' pets during their weddings, highlighted the concept this week on TikTok—while also demonstrating how you can host adoptable pets at your wedding.

At this reception, the bride and groom decided to do a cat toss in lieu of chucking the bouquet. Together, they heaved a plush cat toy into the waiting crowd. Whoever caught it was required to adopt a shelter cat. (So only the people who wanted a cat headed out to the dance floor.)

The worthy cause is fantastic, but the resulting toss was the cherry on top. One bridesmaid was clearly in it to win it, displaying range, aggression, and plenty of effort. She had her elbows out when the plush cat was thrown and then leapt into the air to deflect it away from a group of would-be cat adopters. 

As the plushie fell to earth, this to-be cat mom dove onto the ground to make sure she got to it first. Nice play. Even better? At that particular wedding, FairyTail Pet Care says two kittens found adopters.

The viral TikTok also earned more than 4 million views.

You usually don't get that kind of enthusiasm with the bouquet, and I would very much like it if we all stopped doing the ultra-uncomfortable garter toss. So why not toss a plush cat or dog (puppy toss) out there and help a needy animal find a new home?

Trust me on this, I am an excellent wedding planner.